Mall Sandbox

You can leave your children to sand heaven while you do your shopping. A place made entirely of sandboxes…

For You and Your Children

No little sandboxes where your child is swarming with other equally enthusiastic kids, no pesky bugs, no scorching sun

What Are The Facilities?

We invite you in to experience their fun indoor sandbox for kids…

What We Offer You?

Our Specifications

Hygienic Sand

Hygienic and completely harmless sand

No nasty surprises

Playing with our sand means no nasty surprises, such as animal poo or broken glass

Safe Time

Away from danger indoors

Extra Equipment

There are beach toys, a large wooden sailboat for children to play in, and a lifesaver’s lookout/slide.

A Gem

A gem waiting to be unearthed.

Sand Play

All year round we enjoy sand

Regular Maintenance

The sand is flipped once every three days, and new sand is added monthly!

Cozy Place

There aren’t the scorching tropical heat and humidity

What Are The Facilities?

If you’re all about sensory play and would love to introduce sand to your young child – minus the scorching tropical heat and humidity – The Our Sandboxes indoor playground is the place for you! A dedicated indoor sandpit, The Our Sandboxesis a cool, clean, and conducive environment in which children can play with sand independently and safely…

Photos Of Our Work